An empty seat is more than just a ticket.

We put butts in seats.

The #1 reason why companies don’t purchase season tickets is because the internal ticket management process is completely bananas.

Find Team Schedule
Share schedule via Google Doc.
Distribute Tickets
Tell everyone via email to “pick two games” on spreadsheet.
Manage Paper Tickets
The paper tickets held in one location, no oversight.
Manage Digital Tickets
Give everyone access to TicketMaster portal. (Total Chaos!)
Unhappy Employees
The results are missing tickets and missed games.

Introducing AllSeater

Season Ticket Management
Randomized ticket lottery, game management, and PDF ticket distribution.
Group Ticket Management
Ticket reimbursement and distribution.
Customer Management
Game attendance, renewal tracking, and client details.

Let us help you reduce your ticket waste by 30%

Power your ticket management with AllSeater.